OPA FORM Arkitekter

OPA FORM Arkitekter is an architecture company based in Voss, Norway. I was so inspired by their latest project ‘En Løe i Endring’, where they work with old abandoned buildings to create an  alternative experience for visitors to Norway who want something other than a traditional hotel.

They work with local owners of unused barns, sheds, or other old buildings and build mobile entities that are placed in these empty shells, where the debris and invading

nature in these old buildings are part of their charm. OPA FORM selectively removes and tidies the spaces in order to maintain a clean visual experience and prevent too much clutter from detracting from the ravaged beauty of the existing architecture. This curation allows them to highlight what they want to highlight, which is the story of the building, what was done in it, why this was built where it was, why it was built the way it was.

I love the concept and find it an inspiring way to see and experience architecture, which I personally find quite bland usually.