Sophie Bille Brahe

Love the simplicity and elegance of these pieces by Danish jewellry designer Sophie Bille Brahe. For those days when I’ve watched a golden oldie and feel the need to be more classy less quirky (I think I dress as a variety of alter egos based on who/what I want to be at that moment in time)



Bjørg is a Norwegian jewellry designer whose work I stumbled upon in a cool interior design shop, Milla Boutique in Vika. I was so blown away by the jewellry on display! It is RIGHT up my alley. I’ve mentioned before that I am all for statement jewellry but have toned down recently out of laziness. Now I have found Bjørg and am in love with her designs that are bold, rustic and quirky all at once. She releases 2 collections a year; “The Classic collection has its foundation in silver, diamonds and precious stones whilst the Odyssey collection represents new directions through its foundation in bronze.”

And on ispiration:

“Whether the specific inspiration comes from surrealism, Charles Darwin experiments or ancient myths, there is always a link through an industrial approach to conveying nature in a piece of jewellry.”

Nuff said.