I have been obsessed with this series since my sister introduced it to me. It is a fantastic series, crime/drama with scandinavian flair. I love the fact that it’s bilingual, Swedish and Danish, because that aspect of nordic languages truly fascinates me. I love that speaking Norwegian/Swedish/Danish enables you to understand the other two. Seems like they are 3 dialects rather than languages. It’s a bit sad that Norway is completely uninvolved in this series, but whatever.

It all starts with one murder on the bridge which connects Sweden and Denmark which brings detectives from both countries together on what becomes an increasingly complex case. Every episode is loaded with suspense and always ends with a cliff hanger. I watched season 2 before season 1 so season 1 was kind of ruined because I knew how it would end. Nevertheless, I love the scenography and scandinavianess of it all.

The main issue I have is that FX is making an English version starring Diane Kruger. Ok, you change it slightly by setting it in USA and Mexico, but still. This just brings up the beef I have with people not wanting to watch foreign language films/series because of subtitles or whatever. You miss out on so much good stuff from being too lazy to read. Ok, enough ranting, if you have access to it, watch Broen!